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Surprise surprise! It’s me! But did you know? This is not my real name. Nisa is the name I gave myself on the Internet. Nisa Hilal is my, so-called, artist’s name. To myself:

I’m a 19-year-old teen. I’m living in Dortmund/Germany and I am now studying social sciences. I began blogging at the age of 10 when my friends and I decided to create a blog where we share our daily lifestyle. As I became older, I wanted to have a blog for myself, something that represented me, so was born. After 3 years of blogging and not reaching anything except 13 followers and 4000 pageviews, I restarted. I started all over again with And so, here I am, chitchatting with you and enjoying writing!

Apart from writing on my blog, I’m also a new author in the big world of book-writing! Currently, I’m writing two books. And as you know, I’m also a designer and “cook”. I’m here to share my experiences with you and I hope that some of you will enjoy! Besides, don’t be so strict with my English skills. It’s not my first language, (not to sound arrogant) BUT I’m pretty good at it. These little mistakes just make me human, don’t they? (;


Why did I call my blog peonycrescent? Well, there is a simple explanation for that. I love peonies. They are more beautiful than normal roses and they smell better. They’re not for nothing my favorite flowers. So it became a part of my blog’s name.


And the reason why it’s called peonycrescent is that my real name, Hilal, means crescent (which is Turkish/Arabic btw). I mean, if my favorite flowers can be a part of my blog’s domain, so why not my real name, too? And the imagination of a crescent, covered with peonies is  A W E S O M E, just try to imagine. Just… try…!

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