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Poetry – The new aspect in my life

I’ve never understood poetry, to be honest. For me, it was only a part of the German lessons back in school. Lectures, I really didn’t like, because I wasn’ able to understand, how the hell people would express their feelings through poetry. 

Though, I was reading many books. I kind of got lost in those words and always seemed to enter another world. Music is also something I really do enjoy. Even though they were all in some way speaking/writing/singing/whatsoever with words, I really hated poetry.

I felt very uncomfortable listening to people who would recite poems. This was one of those awkward cringe moments, in which I just wouldn’t feel touched at all. Rather, I was praying to just finish this session of discomfiture and continue doing something productive.

But since one week or something, it changed. There is an Instagrammer who always posts those kinds of poetry, you get goosebumps from. Which not only let my heart make a jump but also brings tears to my eyes. Her texts weren’t even rhyming or something. It was just as it is. And I kind of got the inspiration to write poetry myself:

It was the first time, I really got excited about poetry. I was so proud of myself. Although it isn’t perfect, it represents something. Something I wanted to capture in a few lines. And something, I really appreciated at this moment. 

As you know, I always try to express my mindset and my feelings. Be it through my blog or through photography. Sometimes I even just say it directly. Poetry is a new way of letting others get to know my thoughts, my feelings and everything else. It’s a kind reminder of myself being a human too. And even though these lines are pretty short, and could be interpreted the way somebody wants, they represent me. 

Such a shame that I never really tried to make some by myself. I never really saw the potential to even invest my time. For me, poetry was just a waste of time. Which it isn’t anymore if I have to be frank. I really don’t believe that poetry is interesting for everyone. I didn’t like it either. But as a person who already loves words (reading, writing, hearing, etc.), it was just predictable that I would find an interest in poetry too, someday. 

If you want to read more about how unpredictable life is, just read my last post.

Did you ever like poetry? Have you ever written something poetic? Or are you just like my Former-Me: Totally annoyed with it? Let me know!

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