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Writing for MYSELF

As you know (and if not, you can guess), I dream about being a journalist someday. I’ve always read magazines, wrote for my own blogs over the years, and since then, I’ve always wanted to be the editor of some amazing articles. I’ve always wanted to see my name written under an article, being proud of my achievements. As you know, I’m not after fame. The main reason for writing on my blog and, hopefully someday in magazines, is to reach people. I want them to read what I have to say.

A few years ago, I’ve never missed the newest edition of the Cosmopolitan magazine. I’ve always fancied them and read them over and over again. After some time, I’ve realized that there is more to than fashion and beauty. That there is also some kind of lifestyle and advise, which can and is shared in other magazines. I’ve stopped reading the Cosmopolitan and the InStyle (Which I’ve just read because Blake Lively was the face of that edition). The era of MYSELF began. The magazine Myself was exactly what I was searching for. A magazine which was not only talking about some fashion news and beauty tips but also one which chose to write about daily issues. Something, you could identify yourself with. Which makes sense, since it is named “MYSELF”.

Well, long story short: When I finish university, I hope that I will be an editor for myself magazine. Even if it is only one article which will be published. I think, having dreams like that is a bit risky: They are as fluffy as clouds, and they leave a warm feeling after you mention/think about them. But achieving them is tricky, difficult and sometimes impossible. So, beyond working for your dreams, there is no way to achieve them. But that is okay. Because, sometimes, there is nothing which is more realistic then dreams. The reason for that:

Dreaming shows you, who you really are and who you would like to be at the same time.

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