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What Disney Movies told us

Walt Disney, one of the most remarkable people in history. He gave us the mouse, the princesses, and the lions. The geniuses, the ordinary people and so much more. This man made us believe in magic. He made us believe that not only princesses exist, but that every girl can be one. And most importantly, Walt Disney gave us the fantasy, no other movies could give us.

I believe in the magic and power of animated movies. There is a reason for every movement and every dialog said and done in Disney. Although we watch the movies and don’t think further, they indeed have an impact on us. Be it the color of their dresses. It can also be the way, how some princesses act. The producers of the movies had one job: Being an inspiration for young children. It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. What matters is that we believe in ourselves. And in this way, we automatically made the Disney heroes and heroines our role models.

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  1. Disney Princesses wear the color blue. Why? Because they are ambitious, brave and fearless. They are no ordinary girls, who hide and wait for the prince to help them. They fight for what they love and for their dreams. Blue is the color of the sky, which is wide and unreachable. But also it shows satisfaction and calmness, just as the princesses are. And, certainly, it’s breaking the stereotypes: Not only the male gender is allowed to wear blue. The women in Disney are able to conquer the world by themselves: They don’t need a man for that. This is what we should learn. Women are able to be heroines too. Not only men are the strong ones, but women too. [Source]
  2. Mulan was not a princess. And neither was she born in royalty. She was declared to be “Princess Mulan” because of her heroism. She fought for her country, side by side with only men and accomplished the work given to her, although she is a woman. That’s what we should learn from her: You don’t have to be a boy to be good in something, only boys did before. And you don’t have to be royal, to be a princess. Never ever forget that. [Source] [Source]
  3. Once, you want something, you have to work for it. Like Walt Disney, ones said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And that’s what Cinderella did. She wanted a dress and a night out. She fought for her dreams, did all her work given by her stepmother. Which later didn’t allow to go to the ball, but that led to a chance. Her dream became reality and moreover, she got to be married to a prince. This was not her dream at the beginning. She only wanted to have fun for one night. And because of her kind heart, ambition, and fearlessness, she got the reward. What do we learn? Good things happen to good people. Even if you think, somethings never going to happen, you can be surprised by something better. [Source]
  4. Disney princesses aren’t perfect either. Belles hair falling on her face. Arielle’s missing voice, which she exchanged with legs. And even Moanas body, being average and not super-model like. And still, all of the girls are beautiful in their own way. Being perfect isn’t something universal. It is something you define for yourself. So yes, you can say, these girls are perfect. But just as you are, they are different from everybody else. It’s just a way of looking: You are perfect, no matter what others are saying. Just because somebody looks different from you, does not mean that you aren’t as perfect as them. [Source] [Source]
  5. The world does not revolve around a man. Or a woman, whatsoever. Not everything has to be about a love interest. It can be about adventures, about love for your family. That’s what Elsa and Anna showed us: Even if they had a kind of love interest, this was not the focus of the movie. Anna fought for her sister and for the reuniting of their family. Moana hadn’t had a love interest either. Just remember this: Just because you are in love, does not mean that everything else loses its value or importance. Some things are still more important than a little crush. And just because you focus on something, should not mean that you forget everything else. [Source]
  6. The importance of friendship should never be underestimated. Think of the lion king. If Timon and Pumbaa were not in the right place at the right time, Simba would’ve never become the lion, he wanted to be. He became fearless, he had no sorrows and, although, some people see it differently: He grew to a proper successor for Mufasa. Friends are worth weight in gold, they are just as important as a family right behind your back, helping and supporting you. Chose your friends wisely and always remember their value. Show them, how much you love them.
  7. “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” The biggest things began with something really tiny. Disney wasn’t that big at the beginning. But with a man, having a dream and goal, Disney had one of the biggest impacts on us. If you fail, never give up. Everyone starts small, and everyone wants to give up. Just the ones, who aren’t afraid to try over and over again, are the ones, who succeed at the end. Never ever forget that.

Well, you see. Disney taught us many things. And I believe that there are more to mention. But like you should’ve noticed: It’s all about never giving up and working for your dreams.

Walt Disney made the first step, now it’s our turn to form our reality the way, we dreamed about it.

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I’ve never gone to Disney Land so that I had to use some photos of other people. Just click the links below, to see the talented photographers. Sources: Head Photo, Middle Photo

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