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The daily routine of bloggers

Bloggers have a lot of things to do. While some act intentionally, others act according to a routine. It’s not easy to handle a bunch of to-dos if there is no guiding thread. As a blogger, you have to take over the control. And to not end up in a chaos, one has to be organized. Always.

Interacting on social media.

  • Facebook: If you joined a group, you should at least check on a daily basis. You don’t even have to write in there, just be present. You joined it for a reason. And if you blogging pals invited you to join, you should at least show them that you are there to support. That said, it’s also important to post daily on the page of your blog. (If you don’t have one, it’s about time.) This way, you have another place where you can connect with your readers. Answer your messages: Everyone will appreciate this gesture.
  • Twitter: Twitter is all about supporting each other. Sharing same opinions, to like things. And that’s what a blogger should do, too. Always follow some other writers and bloggers, so you have a direct connection to people who do the same thing like you. Retweet and like their blog posts, tweets, etc. This gives them a chance to be present in your community too. And by that, you can even get in contact and become blogging friends. Never forget to share your blog posts too. Always mention some Retweet accounts in your tweets, so it gets easily retweeted. This way, you’ll gain more readers too. It’s all about socializing and interacting.

The daily routine of bloggers - Photo showing Nisa Hilal from Peonycrescent while social networking

  • Instagram: ‘This above all; to thine own self be true.’ William Shakespeare. Be yourself. The photos you post should represent you and your passion. The way you live life and the way you enjoy life. Don’t fake being someone you are not. Because with honesty comes success. Besides sharing your own pictures, don’t forget to like photos of others. Not only bloggers but readers of your blog too. Even readers of a blog, which has the same niche like you. This way, you’ll call attention and maybe gain a few new readers too. Leave some nice comments, which show that you aren’t a comment-bot on Instagram. Show the Instagrammers that you read their blog posts. They will appreciate a kind comment. And again: Never forget to follow others. It’s all about calling attention to your page. Share some photos in your Story and draw attention to older posts too.
  • Bloglovin: We love blogs. We read blogs. We share blogs. So why not using a site where you all of the bloggers come together? Share the blog posts which you liked reading. Even leaving a comment will do wonders. And liking them so they can appear on your site, so YOUR followers can read it, helps bloggers. We are such a beautiful community. We should support each other. And ‘share’ our followers. This will not only make us successful but other bloggers, too. In addition, this gives you chances to gain some new amazing friends.

Checking e-mails

That’s the worst part of the day. Not only for a blogger but a normal person, too. It’s pretty exhausting, answering and reading every single email. Especially smaller bloggers don’t get that many emails. It’s not a long time ago that I’ve only got some newsletters. But with the time, you’ll get requests. You’ll even get some promotion emails and even some of people who want to invite you to fancy events. Either way: You have to check your emails daily. Even two times a day if it is necessary. And this should be a steady part of your routine. Even if it is just a newsletter: Use it as a chance to find some new interesting blog posts to read. Then do whatever I said above: Share, comment, like. And if you don’t like the posts of a specific blog, then delete your email from the mailing list.

The daily routine of bloggers  - Post by Nisa Hilal on Peonycrescent


You will not always be able to write complete blog posts. You shouldn’t do it anyway! Have a consistent day on which you write blog posts. This is also a day-changing part of your routine (No chaos, u know?). But because we have this particular day on which we write, we have to have a day on which we brainstorm. A day, on which we can research, take some notes and get ready for writing. Otherwise, the writing day will come and you first have to prepare: And believe me, after preparing, you just want to cuddle up in your bed and don’t want to do anything else. Brainstorm new blog posts, new projects you want to work on and also the photography. It’s all about the preparing.


It’s pretty hard to organize when you don’t have a non-varying schedule. You have to know when you post your blog posts. For example, I post a TATT post every Thursdays, a book post every now and then on a Tuesday and a normal variable post on Sundays. And not only that, you should also know, when you will work on projects. Or when you will take photos. All of that needs a steady part of your routine. Because everything needs an organization to work out.

The daily routine of bloggers  - Photo showing Nisa Hilal from Peonycrescent while social networking

At the end of the day, every blogger needs to set a routine for themselves. There are apparently some specific things, every successful blogger should do. If you do less, good. If you do more, it’s good too. As I said,  a blogger decided to take over a responsibility. If you don’t work on it, then the success won’t last for too long. And at the end, all of the hard work, you invested in your blog and your social media will fade away. It’s possible to be overwhelmed. I have to remind you that I tried blogging for at least 4 times, and now, here I am. I post regularly, gained new readers and followers. But it took me four attempts. Don’t give up easily.

Because, as we say in Islam: Indeed, with hardship comes ease. Work for your success. 


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