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Attending the Fashion Week as a Journalist

Being a journalist is my dream. I love writing and I love gaining experiences. That’s what I’ve been doing since I am 8 and I hope I will be doing until forever. As you know, I love lifestyle issues and giving advice on my blog. But before I launched Peonycrescent, I had a fashion blog. First with my friends, and after that on my own. Since early ages, I love everything related to fashion and modesty. Even after I got to wear my hijab, I always strived to be a modest but fashionable woman. I wanted to be a role model for others. And I wanted to show the rest of the world that there is not only one way to dress when you are Muslima. Especially a Muslim girl with a hijab. 

Despite that, I am dreaming about being an editor someday. Hopefully in the Cosmopolitan or the Myself magazine. And while the Fashion Week in New York took its course at the beginning of this week, I found myself dreaming about some specific scenarios. How I sit in the front row, holding my camera in one hand, my pencil in the other, while my notebook rests on my lap. My eyes, filled with the sparkles of excitement, following the models in their wonderful clothes, designed by the most amazing designers.Fashion week as a journalist. Photography made by Nisa Hilal from Peonycrescent showing Chanel in ParisI remember the days in Paris, where I felt like a… yeah like an Influencer, photographing the attractions. My sister photographing me. And all the people being Parisians and just living their life in such a great city. I felt so close to the designers, especially when I crossed Louis Vuitton, Elie Saab, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino etc. shops, boutiques or even signs! I was so amazed by the atmosphere of this city. Just totally in trance. I can’t imagine how breathtaking it would be if I went there to attend the Fashion Week. If I was actually invited because people would like me to write about this event. And, I know, I am a dreamer, I would like to have nearly impossible things, I just can’t stop myself from dreaming about it.Fashion week as a journalist. Photography made by Nisa Hilal from Peonycrescent showing Louis Vuitton in ParisThat’s why I actually want to be a journalist on a Fashion Show, whether it is in New York, in Paris, in Berlin or in Milan. I want to be near the Designers, and the models presenting fashion, not everyone can see from this view. The view from the front row. I totally envy all of the celebrities and all individual famous blogger and journalist who are allowed to be on the fashion week. And as much as I love writing about all of the daily life problems, solving them and helping others; being able to write about the highlight of the year (for a designer, blogger, etc.) because you were live on it: That’s a dream, I won’t relinquish. Fashion week as a journalist. Photography made by Nisa Hilal from Peonycrescent showing Elie Saab in ParisThere is this kind of bucket list, I formerly made. The one, which shows the dreams and hopes of a (fashion) blogger. And since then, you know how much the Fashion Week would mean to me. Even being a journalist and an author. What I want to say is that how impossible your dream might sound, there is a chance of achieving it. Every hard work pays out. And if you have to start with something small, so you can build your leader way up to the actual dream, do it. You don’t have anything to lose, you’ll always win. It may be the achieving of the dream, you wished for so long. Or it may be the experiences along the way, without getting to the point, you always wanted to be.

Never content yourself with the free blessing, always work for the first class. Be grateful for everything you have, but never stop working.


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